October 30, 2006
519 South 19th Decatur, IL

     Quality Home Locator released today the acquisition of yet another property.  Located near Eisenhower School this 2 bedroom property has yet to be determined for sale or rent.  "We are not sure at this point what we are going to do with the property.  If someone is interested we ask them to contact our office.", said Derrick Bradshaw.  Rentals are generally leased out for a year and the interest in this property might persuade the company to go in one direction.  Quality Home Locator has been known for it's innovative new age approach to real estate.  "We do everything we can to make the renter or the buyer feel comfortable.  If someone is buying a house from us we will totally customize the colors and fixtures located in the house.  Generally 90% of our properties are fully remodeled and if we have a buyer approved during this remodel phase it is not uncommon to let them help us with decisions being made during this time.  After all, they will be living in this house. ", said Derrick when we caught up with him earlier today.

About Quality Home Locator
QHL is a company based in Decatur, IL. They provide quality homes for rent and sale. Servicing town such as Mt Zion, Forsyth, Cerro Gordo and Decatur they are a value to the community. Homes are completely renovated and then financing is secured through a series of pre-qualification questions. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a home please contact them via their online form. The company also has a newsletter which provides information on homes before they hit the market.