May 6, 2010
New Services Offered

In an effort to meet the needs of the community and the surrounding area, Quality Home Locator has started providing management and billing services to others with real estate holdings. With the quick changing pace of the world today Quality Home Locator is re-inventing itself with a whole new list of services. With the rising costs and in some location the added costs of utilities these services need to be passed down to the tenants in order for the company remain in business. Quality Home Locator has created a system in which to collect those funds from the tenant(s) and then pay the municipality. We spoke with Derrick Bradshaw this morning via conference call while he was in Texas working with a client. “We started having companies contact us asking how we handled these problems and it was clear those services were needed. We decided we would pull all our resources together to provide this to the clients of Bradshaw Consulting, Inc that need it and the rest of the community.” It is clear that Mr. Bradshaw has once again managed to locate a need and provide a valuable service.

If you are interested in these services please contact Derrick Bradshaw via the Quality Home Locator website or by calling 1.217.864.6485. Derrick would be happy to personally evaluate your business and help determine how Quality Home Locator can improve cash flow or simplify your businesses process. Derrick also told me that he is putting together a team which includes employees from Bradshaw Consulting, Inc. and a new company yet to be formed in order to create a powerful effective solution for the countless businesses that needs these kind of services. When we asked Derrick the details or name of that newly formed company this is what he had to say, “Well I will say that we will be providing a little purple friend that with great ease will be able to help and improve many aspects of one’s business. Anything else would ruin the surprise.” He smiled at me and I saw in his eye that he is up to something.

About Quality Home Locator
QHL is a company based in Mt Zion, IL. They provide quality homes for rent and sale. Servicing town such as Decatur, Forsyth, Cerro Gordo and Decatur they are a value to the community. Homes are completley renovated and then financing is secured through a series of pre-qualification questions. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a home please contact them via their online form. The company also has a newsletter which provides information on homes before they hit the market.

About Bradshaw Consulting, Inc.
Bradshaw Consulting Inc. is a full-service Management and IT consulting company located in Mt Zion, Il. They offer a range of high quality and scalable managed services that can be tailored to blend seamlessly with any business model.